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Cybersecurity pitfalls fallen into due to COVID-19 and the abrupt change to working from an unprepared home office that it caused, and the pitfalls of opening the corporate network when people go back to the office… Were people aware? Are people aware?


In the normal world, corporate networks are isolated and shielded; rarely – and rightfully so - they are connected in enterprises. COVID-19 changed all that. Zwienenberg will take you on a tour of emerged cyber security issues that surfaced due to the COVID-19 pandemic and peek into the future post-pandemic time, as in the new normal time, new challenges to the corporate network will emerge. It is not too late but we have to learn, as with learning comes knowledge, with which you can prevent something, because prevention is the best cure.

Daniel Monoranu
Infomation Security Senior Consultant
Righard Zwienenberg
Senior Research Fellow
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