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The new normality that the pandemic emergency started to shape is posing challenges to organizations in all markets and geos.
The increased mobility and remote working conditions require solid visibility, a pervasive ability to detect and qualify the vulnerable surface, and pragmatic ideas to respond to these challenges.
Let’s deepen together how remote working could become a synonym of smart working with the right capabilities in place.

The whole idea is to focus on the additional challenges that the remote working brought to the cybersecurity picture, mainly at three levels:

  1. Visibility, or missing visibility;
  2. Once you gain visibility, you are normally overwhelmed by vulnerabilities; hence, you need to find ways to prioritize the onces that matter to focus your remediation efforts;
  3. Then you have to deal with other aspects of the “work from home” to move from a remote-worker condition into a smart worker (e.g. can virtually work from everywhere) mindshape.
Daniel Monoranu
Infomation Security Senior Consultant
Marco Rottigni
Chief Technical Security Officer EMEA
Qualys Inc.
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