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3MinutesJob is the only cross-borders recruitment platform tailored to Gen Z's needs and emotions. With more than 3000 jobs in almost 100 countries, helps international recruiters to filter, invite to interview and interview online selected candidates. Video Cv and video job description are some of our new exciting tools. Our pride is the unique attention we accord to diversity and inclusion. We created 6 badges used by our customers to break down the lack of trust by certain categories of applicants such as No exp, 45+, disable, parents, LGBTQ, and veterans.

Jobs are listed by proximity, there are no more physical borders. The platform works in 11 languages and 7 currencies. Our mission is to bring equal opportunities worldwide for every job seeker willing to join or rejoin the labor market. 

Our vision is a world without discrimination or mental borders, allowing any job seeker to travel or easily relocate. 

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