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Nemo dental

Nemo Dental Pro is a young company built by young people in 2012. We have since grown and developed experience and skills in providing dentists the best quality of dental instruments along with other products.

We have grown special skills in providing mostly surgical and periodontal instruments, such as Deppeler SA swiss-made hand instruments, well known for their shapes and the quality of their steel. Deppeler periodontal curettes and scalers are the best solution dentists can have for mechanic prevention treatment of the tooth.

As other brands, we provide there is Helmut Zepf, which is one of the most important German dental instruments brands.

Dental Photography is one of our passion and since the beginning, we have always provided a large variety of mirrors and retractors and of course contrastors.

Nemo Dental is also a distributor of microsurgical blades and micro sutures for periodontal surgery.

Check out our website for more and more products.

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