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The soft tissues around teeth are an integrated component of dentofacial aesthetics. A large proportion of patients have gingival exposure during function and smile, especially in the upper maxilla. In these situations, both dental and gingival tissues must be subject to well-defined aesthetic criteria to ensure perfect smile harmony. A perfect aesthetics of dental structures will not compensate for deficiencies of soft tissues and vice versa.

In contemporary dentistry, as architects of smiles, first of all we provide solid foundations on which we later build. In addition to bone reconstructions associated with implantation and dental reconstructions, soft tissue harmonization around teeth plays a very important role. The criteria we have in mind for this harmonization are: gingival tissue height, degree of gingival exposure, gingival zenith, recessions, papillary height and symmetry, emergence profiles and last but not least general periodontal health.

With the help of modern techniques of mucogingival surgery, a large part of the soft tissue deficiencies can be treated. With the help of connective tissue grafts we can correct gingival recessions, gingival color abnormalities, volume abnormalities, vertical bone defects, etc. With the help of rezective techniques we can correct again, bone volume abnormalities, differences in symmetry of the free gingival margins, we can create pontics or solve problems of vertical space in edentulous areas, all these techniques leading to a tissue reshaping and a balanced gingival aesthetic that will facilitate the work of the prosthodontist.

Like any surgical procedure, mucogingival surgery technique, in turn precise indications and contraindications as well as certain advantages and disadvantages.

The aim of the presentation "Gingival Aesthetics: Challenges and Limitations" by elmex® is to review the aesthetic criteria that follow in the harmonization of gingival tissues, most used surgical techniques, operating and healing times, temporary prosthetic work indications and perhaps most importantly indications and limits of these procedures.

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