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Nowadays the dentistry has become accustomed to address the lifestyle needs of its clientele. Well-being, self-esteem, and personal image have become increasingly important. Patients are now interested in esthetics, creating a market for treatment plans that are more complex than those simply offering veneers or crowns. The smile, gum line, shape of the lips, and color of the teeth, are all important factors in achieving a harmonious result.

Often, to achieve a successful outcome, the supporting structures (gum and/or bone) will need to be modified. If a classical approach is used, these changes can require several visits. Employing certain wavelengths, such as the Diode and Er:YAG lasers, offer an attractive alternative to such classical methods of periodontal surgery and esthetic dentistry. These lasers can be used for crown lengthening, gingival recontouring, gums pigmentation removal, GTR procedures and tooth bleaching.

The educational objective of the lecture is to summarize the advantages and current clinical applications of these lasers in esthetic dentistry.

Georgi Tomov
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