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Enabled by today's advanced materials and the control of the CAD process, digital technologies have advanced prosthodontics to levels implausible only 10 years ago. This synergy produces exceptional clinical prosthodontics with speed and efficiency, fabricating prostheses as accurate or frequently superior in precision to conventional prosthodontics. Dr. Sorensen will explore current research evaluating each stage of the digital workflow (DWF) process (including Intraoral Scanners (IOS), Additive and Subtractive CAM devices) and analyze latest developments in innovative ceramics particularly of monolithic zirconia and glass ceramics. A clinical trial evaluating a completely DWF for posterior restorations analyzing precision of IOS, CAD/CAM ceramics and OCT imaging for 3D clinical evaluation is presented. Clinical cases from single tooth to full arch prostheses will illustrate how the materials/digital technology synergy can provide exceptional clinical outcomes.

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