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Whether you have a CAD CAM system in yourdental office, or you collaborate with a laboratory that digitally performs prosthetic restorations, the shape of dental preparations must adapt to new parameters that allow a design stage as short and simple as possible and lead to restorations. precise, aesthetic, functional and durable over time.

We will analyze the 4fundamental elements of digital prosthetics and we will extract the practical elements to help us understand the new requirements for the shape of dental preparations:

1. SOFTWARE - any CAD CAMsystem is based on andesign software. We will analyze how the software "thinks" the design of a prosthetic restoration and the parameters it uses in the design process. We will discover what are the shape characteristics of a preparation that would give the software a "field of work without barriers". You will find that most of the time design problems are not generated by the limits of the software but by the shape of the dental preparation.

2. HARDWARE = ​​milling machine. We will analyze the milling process of a prosthetic restoration. The types and sizes of bursused by the machine are extremely important. We prepare the tooth for a shape that generates a "millable" design by the machine. Where should the meeting area be between the toothpicks and those of the machine? Of course in the form of preparation.

3. MATERIALS - what types of materials do we have available? Ceramic blocks (feldspatic, lithium disilicate, lithium silicate), zirconia, PMMA, composites. Each of these materials has its individual strength parameters that we must take into account when preparing. Therefore, we will analyze the decisional criteria in choosing the material and adapting the form of the preparation according to the material from which the restoration will be milled.

4. THE TOOL - we will review the complete set of tools that you should have at your disposal when preparing for a CAD CAM restoration. I will present you the personalized set of milling bursthat I created and with which you can obtain preparations that minimize the work in the design stage.

Bogdan Oprea
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