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Full patient documentation 

How to analyze the patient - step by step

From diagnostic to objectives

Treatment plan based on diagnostic

Clinical cases in “full” reconstructions - step by step

“The eye does not see what the mind does not know”.

This lecture will deal with the importance of the full understanding of the patient's initial state before establishing the correct diagnosis and continuing with the treatment planning. This requires a complete and systematic evaluation and analysis, which consists of a series of clinical and paraclinical investigations. Moreover, the knowledge about the functional and esthetic properties and their interaction is necessary.

Establishing the condition of the patient's temporomandibular joint and muscle activity are the basis of the functional analysis. The outcome will dictate if the patient needs a jaw/muscle treatment before starting any other occlusion-changing treatment such as prosthodontics restoration or orthodontic treatment.

We believe that a comprehensive analysis is the foundation of a stable and functional treatment outcome for our patients.

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