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The traumatic fracture and caries of the anterior teeth represents a quite common pathology in our daily practice. In some situations, it is contraindicated to use indirect restorations (in the cases of very young patients, class III restorations, ultraconservative restorations, emergency and low cost treatments). However, it is necessary to be able to restore these teeth in a direct, esthetic, functional and predictable way.  

A Class IV composite is a conservative and successful restoration that can be done predictably with proper clinical training. This type of restoration is an exciting test of skill, combining function, knowledge of materials and artistry. While it helps to have an artistic eye, a successful restoration can be achieved by learning the methodology behind composite layering. By understanding the tooth anatomy, following a precise layering protocol and learning how to replicate surface texture, clinicians can create a seamless transition from natural tooth to restoration.

This presentation brings up the steps and the techniques that the dentist has to follow in order to get a good integration of direct composite restorations and a seamless transition from tooth to restoration.

Sergiu Muresan
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