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Dental implants have become a treatment option that is more and more popular with both doctors and patients.

In the past the issues were mostly related to implant design and osteointegration but nowadays, along with the digital treatment options available today, we also have a lot of dilemmas:

Treatment efficiency according to the patient needs, without compromising the end result, taking into account the chairside time, number of appointments, morbidity and cost;

The usual debate between cemented and screw retained restorations got more complicated as the new conometric methods appeared;

Are customised abutments the best option or can we also use standardised prefabricated abutments for certain clincal situations?

The challenges in the aesthetic area are the most discussed within dental meetings and publications, but single-implant restorations in the posterior area must not be overlooked, as they are very frequent and maybe just as challenging.

The aim of this presentation is to try to clear some of these issues, speaking as a clinician who wants to offer the best long term results for my patients.

Sebastian Soicu
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