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Implant therapy had as objective, at the beginning, only to find sufficient bone offer in order to insert implants which can withstand forces for a long time. As time went by, the aesthetic desires of the patients became more and more important, hence the way in which the implants were applied changed and the prosthodontist’s role became paramount.

Additionally, the digital dentistry brought many and important planning instruments. Today we can plan a case in dentistry very similar with the architect’s way of planning a house. We start at the final details (the aesthetic prosthodontics project) and then backwards planning to the structure details (intra-osseous insertion of the implants).

This conference is intended at presenting complex cases in implant prosthodontics which benefitted of digital planning: aesthetic, imagistic, prosthodontics and surgical and finally perhaps finding some helpful solutions for shortening the overall treatment duration.

Rares Buduru
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