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Over the last few decades, implant dentistry has gone through many revolutionary changes. New technologies led to the development of stronger implant materials and to surface treatments that could improve the healing process, facilitate osseointegration and thus increase the treatment predictability and reduce the overall treatment time. On the other hand, immediate implant protocols that have revolutionized implant dentistry, have become more popular, and are validated as safe and acceptable treatment modalities.

A vast body of scientific evidence confirmed that implant primary stability plays a crucial role in the decision-making process for an implant to be immediate loaded. As the technique evolved, several generations of implant designs have been introduced to the market to help clinicians to achieve appropriate primary stability and to avoid excessive torque values that may often lead to increased bone resorption and compromising the treatment outcome.

During his presentation, Dr. Ophir Fromovich will describe fundamental features of newly developed Straumann BLX implant with special emphasis on superior implant material, the unique macro- and micro-topography and the best-in-class hydrophilic surface. Wide clinical application spectrum that goes beyond immediate implant protocols will also be discussed.

Ophir Fromovich
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