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Everyday practice implies nowadays an increasing number of patients with extensive and generalised wear and implicitly complete restorations. Adhesive procedures and the new types of ceramics modified and eased the treatments, allowing more and more minimally invasive therapies and maintaining the teeth vitality.

The technical innovation in dentistry continued with the introduction of CAD/CAM systems: intra-oral scanners, milling and printing machines, computerised analysis of condylar movements, virtual articulators. Modifying the conventional paradigm to the digital one, in terms of planning and realisation, raised a series of issues, especially occlusal-wise.

This conference aimed at presenting clinical cases treated through a classical rationale and the same type of cases treated with a complete digital workflow. We wish to emphasise the problems we encountered and which we consider necessary to overcome in the future with the help of the industry.

Smaranda Buduru
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