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Florian Kretz, MD, CEO of PVK Precise Vision GmbH, Rheine, Germany

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Florian Kretz (FEBO), MD is an international established ophthalmologist, surgeon, speaker and researcher. Always on duty for his patients, his focus and interest are the best clinical outcomes – even in difficult cases. To achieve the best for his patients, he is focusing on these four key aspects:

   1. Working as ophthalmologist providing individual care for his patients.

   2. Working continuously in the areas of cataract and refractive surgery, glaucoma and treatment of macula degeneration.

   3. Working with the latest technologies including their further development. Dr. Kretz established new treatment methods for cataract surgery at the facilities of Precise Vision Augenärzte in Rheine, Greven, Erlangen and Steinfurt.

   4. Active research and development, professional education and publications are key aspects. Dr. Kretz does research around cataract, refractive surgery, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

   As founder and CEO of PVK Precise Vision GmbH, he works at the locations: Rheine, Greven and Erlangen.

   Florian Kretz (FEBO), MD, published more than 100 scientific articles in specialized ophthalmological press. He is a frequent consultant for news magazines regarding questions about ophthalmology (FOCUS, Stern, Spiegel)

   Him and his wife Nicole Kretz run the non-profit organization Augenärzte für die Welt Gmbh which currently is supporting the Khmer Sight Foundation an NGO in Cambodia.

Honorable distinctions


● „Top 40 under 40” – already since 2015 he belongs to the best ophthalmologists under 40 years of age in the world

● Since 2017 he belongs to the 50 most influential researchers in ophthalmology

● In 2018 and the next vote in 2020 he is among the top 100 most influential ophthalmologist’s world wide

● In 2019 he was awarded as a champion of change together with 50 other international Opthalmologists

● Well established international speaker and part of the scientific faculty at international congresses

FLORIAN's sessions:
FLORIAN's sessions:
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