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Mihail Alexandrovici Postnicov

Ph.D. thesis at the Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Prosthetics, Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry under the direction of Corresponding Member. RAMS, MD, professor Persin L.S.(2008)

Pediatric dentist and orthodontist at the Municipal Children's Hospital No. 4 of the Industrial District of Samara, Russia.

Director of a network of dental clinics in Samara, Russia.

Associate professor of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Samara State Medical University, Russia.

Member of the Russian Professional and European Societies of Orthodontists

In 2015.

Board member of the Dental Association of the Samara Region and vice-president of StAS.

Chairman of the accreditation commission at Samara State Medical University with a degree in dentistry(2016 and 2017).

Post-doctoral dissertation at SamSMU on the topic: "Optimization of the orthodontic treatment of children with mesial occlusion during and after the change of teeth" (scientific consultant director of the Dental Institute, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor D.A. Trunin)(2016).

In, he was awarded the Order of Merit in the Development of Medicine and Health Care by the Duma of the Russian Heraldic Chamber(2016).

Awarded the "Excellent Dentistry" medal by the Dental Association of Russia.

Mihail Alexandrovici's sessions:
Mihail Alexandrovici's sessions:
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