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Edgewise concept is based on an analytic and strategic management of the orthodontic treatment  of the malocclusions. The analysis and the strategy are settled on the study of the face, the smile, the Cranio Facial Analysis and the total space Analysis which determine a treatment decision and difficulty. It is a new approach of orthodontic force control  in Edgewise technic that simplify the management of the treatment steps : denture preparation, denture correction and denture completion.

My new edgewise concept (Easy Edgewise) is a professional tool that enhances the vertical control. The improvement of the Class II faces lies on the vertical control of the posterior teeth, to promote a counterclockwise rotation of the mandible, and the advancement of the chin. Facial harmony depends on the “mandibular response” to the treatment.

This lecture explains in details the analysis, the strategy and the different sets of archwires used during treatment with or wihout bicuspid extractions.

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