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Irina Arsene
CEO & Founder

Mother of two beautiful boys, she is also the mother of several companies, among which you can find, a software development company focused on people. She is the best example of how you can have the greatest career while being the best mother for your kids.  

By the age of 25, she was a full-time director of a UK technical company while breastfeeding and courageous enough to start the entrepreneurship journey with two small kids at home. This amazing woman travels the world with her kids for inspiration and creates amazing ecosystems where other women can get the chance to reach their full potential while enjoying their motherhood.


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Anamaria Bumbar

A true believer in offering people the freedom to grow in order to see them shine their true light, and always with an eye on operational dynamics. Most of who I am today is the result of my interactions, the experiences I was lucky to live with my friends and colleagues. I believe we can change the world together.


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Ioana Miron
IT Project Manager & Business Analyst

The NASCAR drive, endless curiosity and great coffee have helped me, in equal proportion, to craft a role that combines business analysis with leadership and knowledge sharing.


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Adela Popa
Growth Marketer & Tech Copywriter @Promocrat

I help businesses grow through creative copywriting and marketing while doing all I can to grow as a person. When I don't, I'm likely "stresslaxing" (trying to relax but actually being stressed because I am not working on what's making me stressed).

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Aura Paraschiv
Head of Support & KAM

I am a seeker of knowledge, purveyor of perseverance, aggressive problems solver and always dedicated to making a difference

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Catalina Peltecu
BI Developer

Always believed that a knowledgeable team makes everyone stronger and keeps the stakeholders happy. Former a finance girl, now a BI Developer, lucky enough to get the chance of working with incredible people within this field, one of my main beliefs is always to give more than you expect from others and help people to grow.


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Gabriela Stefan
BI Developer

A professional software developer by day and an enthusiastic video games player by night. I have an ordinary origin story in which my motivation for coding came from a wish to learn how to make video games.

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Roxana Staneiu
IT Project Manager



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Maria Tudor
IT Recruiter

Heart made of art, brain made of science and a lot of empathy for the soul - I love crafting my own special role no matter the context.


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Adriana Virlan
Creative Strategist @Promocrat

I'm a fast learner, both a dreamer and a doer. I believe in humans and in their humanity. I never expect more of others than I expect of myself. My belief: the hard work backed by an appropriate education is the basis of an exquisite personality.

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