Cloud requirements and opportunities - how can technology, law and business meet? - Round Table Discussion

13:00 - 15:20
13 October 2020
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Key takeaways:

  • "Everything should be outsourced to the cloud!"- But is there information that cannot be outsourced? If so, which one?- How can one handle a separation between the two types of information?
  • Our confidence in the cloud suppliers- Can we have confidence in that security requirements are met? How?- What role does the Cloud Act and Patriot Act play for our trust in suppliers affected by these requirements?
  • Conflicts of interest between new business opportunities and regulatory changes- How should legislation or other regulation be modified so that new business opportunities, e.g. based on cloud services or other new technology, can be utilized?- Is it eg appropriate to specify requirements and conditions in law, or should they be given in regulations or other directions from the regulator or supervision authorities?
  • About 95% of personal data incidents reported to the Swedish Data Inspection Board (‘Datainspektionen’) are closed, and as a private individual you can never receive relevant compensation in a possible dispute.- Can we, as individuals or companies, trust GDPR to work?- Or is GDPR and ‘Datainspektionen’ just window dressing?

Speaker info

Martin Bergling
Martin Bergling
Board Member
Sig Security

Martin is a Senior Security Consultant at NIXU. Martin has a broad security background and has previously worked as Deputy Security Manager at the Central Bank of Sweden and as technical manager at FMV / CSEC, Sweden's certification body for IT security. He has also worked with project management, risk analysis, requirements specification, accreditation and security audits at IBM, the Swedish Armed Forces and Telia. Martin has several certifications, e.g. CISSP, CISA and CRISC, and he is also involved in SIG Security, ISACA and Dataföreningen in Sweden.

Speaker info

Conny Larsson
Conny Larsson
Sig Security

Conny is the chairman of Sig Security, a Swedish non-profit organization specialized in information and IT security. Conny has a master degree in Law and IT and is specialized in Telecommunication and Information Technology Law. Between 2009 and 2017 he worked for the Swedish law firm Gärde & Partners AB in Stockholm and now in his own law firm since 2018. Before that he was a corporate counsel at the major Swedish telecom operator TeliaSonera for nearly fifteen years and also at Flextronics Network Services. In addition he was a legal counsel at the Swedish Telecom Agency and the Swedish Enforcement Agency. Altogether he has been working as a lawyer specialized in Law and IT for more than 30 years.

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