Privilege Access Management Applied to Industrial IT-OT Processes

16:15 - 17:45
13 October 2020
add to calendar 10/13/2020 16:15 10/13/2020 17:45 Europe/Bucharest IT Security Insights 2020 - Privilege Access Management Applied to Industrial IT-OT Processes A photograph of the current challenges in adapting Cybersecurity policies and discipline across the continuum of IT and OT.
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The cultural challenges of understanding what are the differences between the well standardised world of IT and the heterogenous world of operations and industrial controls. The session presents several use cases and examples from several segments. It highlights the practical challenges from companies in automotive, transport, energy and public sector who are implementing projects at the global level and are faced with significant change management processes

Key Takeaways:

  • What IT-OT security approaches have been tried and failed . Which have worked and Why?
  • What are the key principles underlying a positive outcome?
  • What are the overall benefits in mitigating what is in essence the reputation risk of large and complex organisations?
  • What can we expect from future developments?

Speaker info

Mark De Simone
Mark De Simone
Vice President Global Industry Practice

Mark De Simone is an energizing global CEO and entrepreneur for innovative businesses which create significant customer, employee and shareholder value. He leads the international operations of Cybersecurity leader WALLIX, the Privilege Access Expert from Europe with a focus on Nordics, UK, Italy, Middle East, Pakistan, Africa, Asia Pacific and India. He is also leading the Industrial Cybersecurity Practice for the company focusing on vulnerability challenges of Industry 4.0 and the interaction between OT and IT in today’s factory environments. 

Mark is a McKinsey alumnus and spent his business formative years with General Electric in the Healthcare sector in the USA and France, then as a Cisco VP driving the adoption of new services models in telecom leading the emerging markets, as an entrepreneur led a Management Buy In and created a Cloud Telco in 2012 called Clouditalia where he was CEO . Mark has been active in Cybersecurity starting at Cisco and Safety as CEO of Aegate to verify Medicine authenticity. Mark is based in London and has also an office in Paris.

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