“Tax by design – the Swedish model goes tech”

14:40 - 16:00
13 October 2020
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Session details

The Swedish tax agency does not think that just smoothing och tuning  it's old processes is enough to maintain trust from it's own customers. If we want people and businesses to keep paying tax voluntarily, we need to step up and offer them the possibility to handle tax in their own preferred environment, integrated in real time transactions. To pull this through, we need completely new technical solutions and business models. This offers many serious challenges, not the least from an it-security perspective.

Key takeaways:

  • Everyone is talking API´s, and so are we. But why has it been so hard for us to walk the talk? 
  • Why is the API strategy so crucial for our transformation? 
  • Securing data and the integrity of the customer in house is hard enough; How will we manage security if we share your data to others? 

Speaker info

Johan Schauman
Johan Schauman
Head Digital Co-development
Swedish Tax Agency

Johan/Mr Schauman has been working at the Swedish tax agency for almost twenty years in many different roles. More recently as a change leader for the agency´s digital transformation and currently as head of co-development, creating prerequisites and enabling external parties to develop solutions with the agency´s data, code or professional experience and expertise. He is utterly convinced that the only way to create a sustainable digital community is through collaboration between the private and the public sector.

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