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Welcome to a new amazing experience by Techcelerator: Investors Days, a two-days rally that will showcase the best teams from 2 of our newest programs!

We know there have been difficult times for all and for startups even more. During a year and a half the founders had to stop, reboot, take a deep breath and proceed to fast changes in their hard work planning.
Techcelerator’ mission went on with even more determination. We stood by and tried to do our best to support them.

Today and tomorrow, we will witness a moment of celebration!

We are excited to invite you to meet-and-greet our alumni of:
- Advancing Ai, batch#2, addressing products built with artificial intelligence technologies.
- 1M Investment Readiness, batch#1, a program dedicated to startups developing scalable products that want to become ready for their next investment round

Top-notch VC investors will be alongside to meet you and the teams and explore the opportunity to get skyrocket companies on board!

Thank you for joining us!


Techcelerator team