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Implant prosthodontics using CAD/CAM chairside technology: CEREC from Dentsply Sirona / 17B-690
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Most patients coming into a dental clinic need small dental works, meaning solo crowns, joint crowns or three-unit bridges. Patients with dental implants can be treated in shorter sessions by creating screw-retained implant crowns or zirconia implant abutments in practice, in order to apply full ceramic crowns on the frontal area or to support joint crowns or implant bridges.

The CEREC technology allows dentists to perform the desired steps in practice: they can merely scan and send STL files to a dental lab, or if they want more input or control, they can go to the next level and design crowns and bridges, which will then be milled.

The completely digital workflow offered by CEREC comes with the advantage of having the patient on the treatment centre and being able to assess the lip line and the emergence profile of adjacent teeth, knowing that implant crowns are often inaesthetic precisely due to the emergence profile not properly correlated with adjacent teeth.

For the most passionate ones that want to leave their mark on these prosthodontic details, this workshop will prove that it is feasible and not complicated. You only need the desire and curiosity, and the digital technique will help you.

We invite you to a workshop full of tips & tricks from Dr. Anca Vereanu's over 4 years of CEREC experience. You will see cases entirely treated using CEREC system, from scanning to milling and staining, from functional to aesthetic.  We will teach you how to scan and you will see the entire digital workflow.

Anca Vereanu
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