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The New Boundaries of Dentistry / 32D-550
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There are many challenges dentists face every day. The general population want faster, better, cheaper, smarter options in everything, and dentistry is no exception. What are the ways in which technology is reshaping the way we see dentistry and education, and how might this change the world of dentistry? Are you finding it difficult to fuse dentistry with business? Do your patients not understand why using technology will improve quality of treatments? Find out what’s the perfect formula for yourself and your business. Dentistry is not what you see on-line but what you have to deal with every day, and it changes from country to country, between age groups…

This is a lecture for students, new dentists and veteran practitioners that will help you be part of a bigger game. Learning objectives – As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:

• Understand why it is important to embrace technology and bring it to our universe

• Explain to patients the importance of using the best technologies and how it elevates the quality of treatments preformed

• How to introduce new technologies in your day-to-day workflow and how it helps save time and stress

Miguel Stanley
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