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Monolithic restorations from esthetic to function. Follow the digital workflow / 31A-250
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When restoring the functions of the dento-maxillary apparatus (phonation, mastication, esthetics) the knowledge, the materials, and the techniques used represent apriority formodern dentistry. CAD_CAM technology is already taking part ofourpresent, it is a necessity, a fact meant to make life easier, to improve considerably theworkflow. We live in a century where time is the most expensive and the technology is what makes the difference. We live in a century of speed and therefore it is advisable to adapt to society’s conditions in order not to be left behind. This goes for all industries, including medicine and dentistry. Because of technological advances and material development, dental technology has changed greatly in recent years with the introduction of CAD_CAM in the dental office and dental laboratory routine.

            Technology plays an important,but not a definitive role in obtaining the best results. The way that we know how to use the latest technology and the latest materials, the workflow and having a good communication between dentist and laballow us to obtain the most effective resultsdaily and increase the predictability.

              The presentation will discuss our making decision criteria, the full digital workflow, office and laboratory protocol for obtaining esthetic monolithic restorations.

Bogdan Culic
Cristian Petri
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