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Rehabilitation of Teeth at the Smile Zone: Concepts, Techniques and Workflow / 11B-610
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Rehabilitation of teeth at the smile zone has always been a challenging task due to the need to combine structural strength of the restored tooth and aesthetic integration with the adjacent natural teeth. This challenge is even ‎more prominent when the dentition requires an esthetic enhancement.

Several techniques and materials have been developed in the last decade resulting in a paradigm shift of these delicate treatments. Planning the end result before starting the actual treatment has experienced revolutionary improvements through digital concepts like DSD and Visagisam. New ceramic materials like lithium disilicate - e.Max enable superior strength when adhesively bonded to the tooth structure and at the same time provide natural esthetics. Optical enhancement for the dentist through magnifying loops and microscopes facilitate the meticulous intra-oral operative procedures to a precision level that was previously unknown.

These technologies enable the operative team to achieve outstanding results in terms of tissue integration and healthy response of the surrounding tissues, structural durability of the restored teeth and excellent esthetic results.

This lecture will detail the implementation of each of the above mentioned concepts and technologies through a variety of clinical cases backed by current scientific knowledge from the literature. The audience will gain an in depth understanding of the parameters and techniques in use today for achieving ideal modern restorations at the smile zone.

Mirela Feraru
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