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Daniel Alexie
Senior Associate MPR Partners | Maravela, Popescu & Asociații

Daniel provides valuable assistance to major corporate clients with regard to various legal advisory matters, spanning IP, IT & Telecom, data privacy (assisting clients on adapting their corporate policy to comply with EU and Romanian privacy laws, including the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation) as well as advertising and consumer protection aspects. His expertise equally covers M&A, corporate & commercial, competition and employment areas of practice. Daniel represents sound international and local clients in various sectors such as industry, services, entertainment and healthcare. Daniel is a versatile and adaptable professional, showing team player and good strategy related skills, alongside multitasking abilities.


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Cristina Cretu
Senior Privacy & Technology Consultant MPR Partners | Maravela, Popescu & Asociații

As a former senior member of the legal department of major telecom companies and as a former member of the Romanian telecom regulatory authority, Cristina possesses vast experience in telecom and technology matters, spanning regulatory, competition, M&A and contractual projects. She equally possesses widely acknowledged data privacy acumen, having acted as DPO for one of the largest telecom companies, formerly part of Liberty Global group. Her solid background in the in-house departments of major corporations helped her gain valuable experience and soft skills in dealing with business clients. She is in addition a very efficient and insightful case handler and a truly skilled communicator.

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Gabriel Caramis
Founder & CEO Wooble

Gabriel Caramis is the Founder & CEO of Woobble with an experience of over 10 years in Online Marketing. He launched Woobble in 2017 with the focus to make digital matter to customer problems with specific to all the web, mobile and marketing solutions.
Gabriel always makes sure, the solutions are 100% unique and meet the client’s requirements. He is self-determined and urges to provide the best solution to suit your business nature and goal.
His team of professionals will closely work with you and spot the right window for your business to attract customers. They have a wide area of knowledge in providing vital solutions and services in the areas of information technology, consulting and outsourcing in various segments of industry like advertising, education, finance, healthcare, life sciences, hotel/hospitality, media and entertainment, mobile and wireless, retail, real estate, sports and fitness, technology, non-profit and more.
We Make Digital Matter to You!


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Adrian Floarea

Mr. Adrian Floarea, Ph.D., graduated Mathematics and holding a Ph.D. in cryptographic algorithms is a strong supporter of the R&D activity in the IT Identity and Security Field, with applied and innovative approaches of the projects he involves in. He is the CEO of certSIGN and he will back up the project team, providing advice based on his extensive experience. With more than 18 years of technical experience in this industry field and over 10 years of management experience, Mr. Floarea has an innovative vision and a comprehensive approach regarding the means of strengthening the company's activities, but also regarding the new development directions imposed by the evolution of the market and the new technological challenges. Over the years, Mr. Floarea was involved in: research and development projects, certSIGN’s products development strategy, over 15 projects implemented for major industry players. He also was involved in numerous actions, meant to popularize and promote science, it by participating in specialized events and publishing articles and books about its field of expertise. Also, along the years, he has paid particular attention on analyzing the impact of IT Identity and Security Field on non-IT domains, including on the activity of administrative institutions - European and / or national. Academic vise, Mr. Florea has a large number of certifications issued by renowned international institution that, together with all its sustained activity, only prove once more that he is a true path finder in its field of activity.


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Hadi Hariri
Developer & Technical Evangelist JetBrains

Developer and creator of many things OSS, his passions include Web Development and Software Architecture. Has authored a couple of books, a few courses and has been speaking at industry events for nearly 20 years. Currently at JetBrains leading the Developer Advocacy team. Spends as much time as he can writing code.

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Tara Hunt
CEO & Co-Founder Phlywheel

Tara Hunt, CEO of Truly Inc. and co-founder of Phlywheel, has over 20 years of experience in market research and strategy on both client and agency-side. She wrote one of the first books on how the social web is changing business, was named one of 2013's Entrepreneurial Women to Watch by Entrepreneur Magazine, and one of the Most Influential Women in Technology in Fast Company.

She has built an engaged and enthusiastic business audience online of over 350,000 followers, including a significant number of thought leaders. She is a LinkedIn Influencer, followed by over 220,000 people. Her Slideshare presentations have been viewed over 2 million times. She is in the top 5% of Twitter users worldwide with over 50,000 followers, and she produces a regular web series on YouTube called The Phlywheel Factor which has over 10,000 subscribers.

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Wineke Haagsma
Director Corporate Sustainability PwC

Wineke is responsible for the strategy and implementation of Corporate Sustainability, including initiatives related to the Sustainable Development Goals, circular economy, integrated dashboards, social enterprises, and stakeholder engagement. She actively contributes to the global strategy in collaboration with the global team and individual leaders around the globe. She works on innovative ideas and stakeholder understanding and translates these insights into long-term value creation. Her passion is to bring capitalism and idealism together to maximize positive impact.

Besides that, she is a Member of the Board of Committee of the UN Global Compact the Netherlands, board member of the Foundation of the Code Social Enterprises (Stichting Code Sociale Ondernemingen), and in the board of advisors of the Sustainable Flying Foundation (Stichting Duurzaam Vliegen). Furthermore, she is the co-author of PwC Netherlands’ SDG Booster research report, which investigates how listed companies, government authorities, social enterprises, and NGOs integrate the SDGs into their strategy. Moreover, she is the founder of the SDG Dome, an immersive experience that combines virtual reality with a seamless 360-degree projection of the world’s biggest problems.
In 2018 Wineke was ranked at number 36 of the Dutch Trouw Sustainable Top 100 and at number 69 in the Top 100 of CSR influence leaders worldwide. In addition, she was announced as a runner-up of the 2019 SDG Pioneer of the Netherlands by the UN Global Compact.


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Limor Kessem
Executive Security Advisor IBM Security

Limor Kessem is an Executive Security Advisor at IBM Security. She is a widely sought-after security expert, speaker and author and a strong advocate for women in information security. At IBM, she leverages her over 10 years of cyber risk and security expertise to provide counsel to CSOs, CISOs, and CIOs at the world’s largest corporations and governments. In addition to her work with IBM, Limor is part of the RSA Conference steering committee. She volunteers with the Tel-Aviv University Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, is a founding member of the Cyber Week FraudCon conference, and volunteers in the local chapters of OWASP and BSides Tel Aviv. To follow Limor’s security feed on Twitter, please check out: @iCyberFighter

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Romeo Kienzler
Chief Data Scientist IBM

Romeo Kienzler is Chief Data Scientist at the IBM Center for Open Source Data and AI Technologies (CODAIT) in San Fransisco.
He holds an M. Sc. (ETH) in Computer Science with a specialization in Information Systems, Bioinformatics, and Applied Statistics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.
He works as Associate Professor for Artificial Intelligence at the Swiss University of Applied Sciences Berne and Adjunct Professor for Information Security at the Swiss University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). His current research focus is on cloud-scale machine learning and deep learning using open source technologies including TensorFlow, Keras, and the Apache Spark stack.
Recently he joined the Linux Foundation AI as lead for the Trusted AI technical workgroup with focus on Deep Learning Adversarial Robustness, Fairness and Explainability.
He also contributes to various open source projects. He regularly speaks at international conferences including significant publications in the area of data mining, machine learning and Blockchain technologies.
Romeo is lead instructor of the Advance Data Science specialisation on Coursera https://www.coursera.org/specializations/advanced-data-science-ibm with courses on Scalable Data Science, Advanced Machine Learning, Signal Processing and Applied AI with DeepLearning
Recently his latest book on Mastering Apache Spark V2.X (http://amzn.to/2vUHkGl) has been translated into Chinese (http://www.flag.com.tw/books/product/FT363).
Romeo Kienzler is a member of the IBM Technical Expert Council and the IBM Academy of Technology - IBM’s leading brain trusts. #ibmaot

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Todor Kunev
Technical Account Manager for SEE and Turkey Qualys

Todor Kunev joined Qualys in September 2020 as a Technical Account Manager for SEE and Turkey.
With more than 10 years of experience in Cybersecurity, Todor had a chance to undertake the role of CISO for medium and large Finance organizations in the EU. It allowed him to get real expertise in the field of corporate cybersecurity governance and helping proactively companies in their Cyber Security transformation journey.


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Alex Luca
Senior Consulting for Mobile Technologies certSIGN

Alexandru Luca is an experienced Senior Consultant for Mobile Technologies with over 15 years of experience in IT & C field. Over the years, Mr. Luca has gained valuable experience in this field both by taking key roles in the companies in which he has worked and by acquiring important certifications in this field such as Certified Enterprise Mobility Management, Certified Solution Design & Deployment and Certified System Architecture.
Mr. Luca is a member of the certSIGN team for more than 4 years during which, his activity was an important part of certSIGN’s work and business in this field. The company, with its own mobile security department, has developed and now owns its proprietary mobile products, such as Trust4Mobile – Voice and Messages Encryption application, Fides – Electronic Signature application, and, at this moment, is giving increased interest in continuously improving products and maintaining them at a constantly up-to-date technological level.”


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Paul Misener
Amazon VP, Global Innovation Policy

Paul Misener is Amazon.com’s Vice President for Global Innovation Policy and Communications. An Amazon VP for over 20 years, Paul remains passionate about Amazon’s history, culture, and methods of sustained, customer-obsessed innovation, especially in the context of Amazon’s Leadership Principles. He frequently describes the company to external audiences and newer Amazon colleagues worldwide.

The founder of Amazon’s global public policy organization, Paul built and led the team and served as the company’s Vice President for Global Public Policy from February 2000 to May 2016. Paul has testified before the United States Congress over 30 times and many dozens of times before other policymaking bodies around the world. He has delivered hundreds of speeches and media interviews.

Paul is both an engineer/scientist (Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Princeton University, 1985) and attorney (Juris Doctor, George Mason University, 1993; Distinguished Achievement Award, 2001). Since 1993, he has been a member of the Bar of the District of Columbia. He is an inventor named in three patents.

Paul has met hundreds of times with political leaders around the world, including cabinet ministers and legislators, in over two dozen nations. In the US, Paul has met with hundreds of Representatives and Senators, as well as dozens of times with the governors of US states. Paul successfully negotiated policy deals with many of these governors and jointly announced many of them in public appearances. Paul also established and for several years oversaw Amazon’s economic development incentives program.

Paul has met with dozens of corporate CEOs and their senior leadership teams to discuss innovation principles and methods. For the two years that Amazon’s CEO chaired The Business Council (a CEO-only group), Paul served as his sole staffer for its six meetings.

Paul had planned to become an astrophysicist and conducted two research projects in Princeton’s Physics Department. Both projects involved electromagnetic radiation detectors Paul designed around junction field-effect transistors; one project was conducted under the guidance of Dr. David Wilkinson, for whom the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe satellite is named. Paul remains awed and fascinated by space and time, particularly as illuminated by the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

Formerly a partner in the law firm of Wiley, Rein & Fielding, Paul previously served as the Senior Legal Advisor to a commissioner of the US Federal Communications Commission, and as Intel’s Manager of Telecommunications and Computer Technology Policy. In the mid-1990s, he co-founded and led the computer industry’s Internet Access Coalition, which included Intel, Microsoft, and IBM, and which successfully blocked the imposition of telecom access charges on Internet access. In the early 1990s, he was the assistant to the chairman of the Emmy Award-winning FCC Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service, which established the system that underlies all modern TV and computer displays.

In 2013, Paul chaired the technical subcommittee of the US Federal Aviation Administration’s advisory committee that recommended allowing commercial airline passengers to use portable electronics during taxi, takeoff, and landing. Prior to the recommendation from Paul’s subcommittee, airline passengers around the world were barred from using their electronic devices during taxi, takeoff, and landing; today electronic device use is permitted gate to gate.

While in college, Paul worked for two summers at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration and one summer at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. In the late 1980s, after evaluating advanced government telecommunications systems at the Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center, Paul was a public policy specialist for NTIA and a US delegate to several conferences of the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union, including the 1988 ITU World Administrative Radio Conference, where he chaired an international working group and served as the working group’s US representative and spokesperson. Over the years, Paul has conducted business in some three dozen countries and has visited over a dozen more.

Paul serves on the FCC’s Technological Advisory Council, the Board of the Public Affairs Council, the Advisory Board for Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy, and the Board of the Partnership Fund for the STEM-focused Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST). For Amazon, he is supporting the 2019 annual meeting of NCSSS, the National Consortium of Specialized STEM Schools. Also for TJHSST, Paul is a certified referee in the Virginia High School League (part of the National Federation of State High School Associations) and serves as the head swim referee and swim officials coordinator. He also is a certified meet official for Potomac Valley Swimming (USA Swimming), and serves as a meet referee, judge, and starter in the Northern Virginia Swimming League, where he is a certified (“patched”) referee. Paul’s physical book library of over one thousand volumes includes hundreds of antiquarian books, most on 18th and 19th Century history, politics, natural philosophy, and methods of science. He and his family live in the United States near Washington.

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Tim Muller
Manager Business Development Worldwide FedEx

I am a Marketer and Business Developer. I talk Tech, Brand, and Growth - leading the transformation of organizations on their supply chain missions.
As a marketer, I explore and show where growth will come from. I am especially interested in delivering real impact on developing businesses systematically. My focus is the intersection of marketing, technology, and business with the key question: What technologies change customer behavior and what opportunities this creates?


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Andy Peart
CMSO Artificial Solutions

Andy Peart is CMSO of Artificial Solutions, an international business that “Makes Technology Think,” believing that people should be able to interact with technology intelligently, using their own voice, in their own terminology and across whatever channel they choose. Using a form of AI referred to as ‘Conversational AI’, Artificial Solutions allows people to talk to applications, websites, and devices in a human-like, intelligent, and conversational way. Its Teneo platform enables non-specialists to rapidly build and deploy enterprise-strength, conversational applications and deliver customer insight and personalization using conversational data.

Andy has over 25 years of strategic and marketing experience within the IT and AI sector, successfully helping build innovative, technology-driven organizations. He presents widely at conferences, webinars, and workshops on AI and how it can benefit mankind.

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Ritesh Patel
Chief Digital Officer – Health Ogilvy Consulting

Ritesh bills himself as a digital and social evangelist, and he has been evangelizing digital since the early days of the dot com boom in the late 1990s. As a young man, he joined Agency.com and quickly began to consult with major fortune 500 companies to evangelize the merits of the World Wide Web. 
Along the way, he has worked for the likes of Havas, Cushman & Wakefield and began a deep dive into the healthcare arena in 2009 when he joined Inventiv Health as Head of Digital & innovation There he was a pioneer in the use of the emerging social media platforms, winning a Clio award in 2010 for the Novartis Tobi Facebook page under the category of “Best Use of Social Media in 2010” for that work. Then in 2011 came the digital and social ecosystem for DRIVE4COPD, a highly successful campaign for Boehringer Ingelheim to raise awareness of COPD that used Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twibbon, and a custom Windows-based mobile app to screen potential patients at NASCAR events.
He joined Ogilvy in 2014, as the Chief Digital Officer for Ogilvy CommonHealth, the specialist health care agency within the Ogilvy Group. There he worked with the digital team at OCHWW to create the industry’s first marketing cloud that enabled clients to truly have a 360 view of their HCP customer. Ritesh has also led the team here that successfully created an EHR practice enabling clients to directly message HCPs on an EHR platform. The majority of OCHWW client brands now this innovative solution.
Additionally, Ritesh supported and led the creation of the OCHWW Innovation Lab. The Lab has been responsible for showcasing the art of the possible. Voice-activated systems like Alexa and Google Home, connected homes, wearables, chatbots and AI are the subjects the Lab is focused to showcase how these tools and technologies have and will continue to impact healthcare in the not-too-distant future.
Now working for Ogilvy Consultant, Ritesh consults with major healthcare clients on digital transformation and innovation in the digital health arena. He is an outspoken digital evangelist who has lent his expert POV in a variety of forums. He is passionate about educating his peers and his clients about what the future of digital looks like for healthcare and, in addition to all the innovations he's been responsible for bringing forward, he has taken his mission on the road and speaks at a wide variety of digital and healthcare-centered events across the world.


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Mary Stoyanova
Sales Manager, Dynamics Mobile iSystems

Mary Stoyanova is a Sales Manager at Dynamics Mobile, an affiliate company of the business software integrator Intelligent Systems. She is predominantly focused on shaping the sales strategy and developing markets in Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Asia and Africa.
Previously worked in the USA, Mary has over 7 years of experience in driving market share growth in designated territories. She holds an MBA degree from the University of National and World Economy.


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Ovidiu Seceleanu
Head of B2B IM Division Samsung Electronics Romania

With over 20 years of experience in the field of IT solutions for infrastructure and security, Ovidiu Seceleanu manages the B2B solutions team of the Samsung Romania IM division. The mission is to promote Samsung mobility solutions for companies, to develop the partners ecosystem and to make Samsung Knox the market leader in the field of mobile device management solutions.

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Raj Samani
Chief Scientist McAfee

Raj Samani is a McAfee Fellow and Chief Scientist at McAfee. His prior roles include VP and Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, at Intel Security/McAfee and Chief Information Security Officer for a large public-sector organization in the United Kingdom. A leading international cybercrime expert, Samani has assisted multiple law enforcement agencies in cybercrime cases and is special advisor to the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3/EUROPOL).

Samani volunteers as the Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Strategy Advisor and is on the advisory councils for Infosecurity Europe and Infosecurity Magazine. Samani has published numerous security papers and is the author of 'Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid'.

Raj Samani is a sought-after speaker and regularly appears on television commenting on the top IT security issues driving headlines today.


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Rohit Talwar
Global Futurist and CEO Fast Future

Rohit Talwar is a global futurist, award-winning speaker, strategic advisor, and entrepreneur. He works with global companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and governments to help them anticipate and respond to disruptive technologies such as AI and the wider economic, political, social, and environmental forces and ideas shaping the future.

His clients include American Express, Bank of America, Bayer, Emaar, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Novartis, PwC, Shell, Tata, and the governments of the USA, UK, UAE, and Singapore.

He is the co-editor and a contributor to nee book Aftershocks and Opportunities – Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future which draws on the ideas of 25 future thinkers from around the world and was published on June 1st, 2020.

He is currently working on a multi-contributor book on The Future of AI – Pathways to Artificial General Intelligence which will be published on World Future Day, March 1st, 2021.


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Abel Wang
Principal Cloud Advocate, DevOps Lead Microsoft

Abel Wang is a Principal Cloud Advocate and DevOps Lead at Microsoft, specializing in DevOps and Azure with a background in application development. He is currently part of Donovan Brown's League of Extraordinary Cloud DevOps Advocates. Before joining Microsoft, Abel spent seven years as a Process Consultant and a Certified Scrum Master helping customers globally develop solutions using agile practices and Team Foundation Server. Prior to that, Abel founded and sold his own software company. When not working, Abel is either writing code (yes, that’s what he does for fun), playing his guitar or training for The Great Wall Marathon. Recently winning his fight against cancer, Abel spits in the face of cancer and will never quit.

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Rafael Winterhalter
Software Engineer/ Java Champion / Java One Rockstar Scienta AS

Rafael works as a software consultant in Oslo, Norway. He is a proponent of static typing and a JVM enthusiast with a particular interest in code instrumentation, concurrency and functional programming. Rafael blogs about software development, regularly presents at conferences and was pronounced a JavaOne Rock Star. When coding outside of his work place, he contributes to a wide range of open source projects and often works on Byte Buddy, a library for simple runtime code generation for the Java virtual machine. For his work, Rafael received a Duke's Choice award, an Oracle groundbreaker award and was elected a Java Champion.

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