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A Future with Feeling

15:15 - 15:45
11 November 2020
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Our smartphones don’t know if we are having a good day or a bad day. Our cars could care less about compassion. Our home assistants are barely aware if we are shouting in frustration or just joking around.

Technology is developing more IQ, but it lacks EQ. At the same time, technology’s hidden operating system seems to move between emotional extremes, from moral outrage to ironic distance. The emotional struggle is real but the future can be different. In this talk, Pamela looks 30 years into the future to envision how we can have a future with feeling.

Pamela Pavliscak
Pamela Pavliscak
Tech Emotionographer & Founder

Pamela Pavliscak studies our emotional relationship with technology. As a creative strategist and founder of SoundingBox, she collaborates with organizations like Google, IKEA, and Virgin to craft emotionally intelligent experiences. As faculty at Pratt Institute, she teaches next-gen designers. Her work has been featured in Slate, NPR, and Quartz and she’s spoken at SXSW and TNW. Her book, Emotionally Intelligent Design, charts a tech future with feeling.

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