Ryke vs. Finest: do you know how much money you have?

12:30 - 13:00
11 November 2020
Industry-Focus Session
add to calendar 11/11/2020 12:30 11/11/2020 13:00 Europe/Bucharest GoTech World 2020 - The New Reality - Ryke vs. Finest: do you know how much money you have? The Demo will also raise the important solutions Smart Fintech has for security (data protection and attacks) and for scalability as well. *This session will be held in Romanian*
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Session details

The presentation covers two Smart Fintech products, created using the advantages of the open banking ecosystem: Finest (dedicated to the SMEs) & Ryke (dedicated to individuals).

Smart Fintech is an innovation lab developing open banking solutions that emerge from the two worlds: Finance and Technology. Its mission is to constantly innovate and deliever a frictionless and secure customer experience in the open banking ecosystems by accelerating Digital Transformation in any disruptive environment. All the solutions are based on Smart Payment Gateway (SmartPG), enhanced by IT Smart Systems, a ready-to-market, open and secure Integration Hub, aligned with Berlin Group Standards and Best Practices, powered by IBM API Connect.

Finest is the application you would want to manage your business finances. It's a new way to be ahead of conventional company management and perform payments, see your balances, and automatically process your invoices taking advantage of the open banking space.
Finest Demo will cover the enrolment process, the invoice flows, dashboard, analytics. Forget about manual invoice tracking, enter an automated view and deepen your analytics within your organization with the Finest App!

Ryke is the best financial advisor right on your mobile phone & soon on your smartwatch (@your wrist). This App is your trusted advisor in gaining consistent monthly savings by bringing you personalized financial insights based on your spending habits.
Ryke Demo will cover the enrollment process, dashboard, customized user experience.

The Demo will also raise the important solutions Smart Fintech has for security (data protection and attacks) and for scalability as well.

We are waiting for you @ the Demo Stage – Smart Fintech presentation! Bring your thoughts, questions and challenges to the table as we uncover the true value of open banking apps for your company and for yourself.

Sebastian Cretu
Sebastian Cretu
Business Analyst Smart Fintech
Smart Fintech

Sebastian Crețu is part of the Smart Fintech team for nearly a year, but he was involved from the incipient fazes in the new open banking projects. Sebastian is a long time passionate about innovation in any form and about business analysis as well. He is a master’s student at Cybernetics and an entrepreneurship enthusiast.
In ITSS, Sebastian is known for his determination to get things done. His contribution in product development played often a crucial role in fixing outdated processes, driving new technology adoption and innovation along the way.

His determination led him to oversee the business and functional specifications of the Finest & Ryke projects, and his contribution in the development of these strategic products has proven valuable. Sebastian will co-speak on the Demo Stage, presenting the Finest & Ryke products he helped develop from consulting to product development.

Alexandru Cociu
Alexandru Cociu
Co-Founder, Smart Fintech
Smart Fintech

Alexandru Cociu is executive partner at IT Smart Systems and co-founder at Smart Fintech, the Romanian open banking innovation lab built in 2018.

Alex is passionate about technology, digital transformation and innovation. His perseverance, the way he embraces the challenges and turns them into opportunities, his always fairness and the way he openly speaks his mind - brought Alex from Junior Developer (his first job ever) to Executive Partner of ITSS in under 10 years. He is an inspirational leader for his team and an important pillar in business development.

His 10+ experience in business development and innovative technology services led the way to the creation of one of the most important products about to be launched by Smart Fintech: Finest – The App. Alex is the product owner of the app and he will present it during his Demo Stage Presentation: ‘Open Banking times two’. `He will gladly answer to any of your queries about the Smart Fintech products.

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