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The Community Growth Engine

17:00 - 17:30
11 November 2020
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Community is just a fuzzy buzzword, right? The success of Yelp and Duolingo tell a different story. Laura will demystify common “Community” misperceptions by illustrating how, by cultivating authentic communities, brands can unleash their most powerful growth engine. Are you convinced that Community's impact can’t be measured? Think communities can’t scale? Come to this talk and let Laura convince you otherwise.

Laura Nestler
Laura Nestler
Global Head of Community

Laura leads the team that connects Duolingo’s 300M learners and empowers Global Ambassadors, aka Duolingo’s community growth engine responsible for launching 90+ courses, holding 700+ weekly events, and supporting a language learning forum with over 1M+ daily visits.

Before joining Duolingo, Laura spent nine years at Yelp where she helped craft the original community growth playbook before moving abroad to spearhead Yelp's international expansion. All in all, Laura had a hand in launching over 80 communities in 13 countries and loved every scrappy, entrepreneurial minute of it. Laura now lives in Seattle with her husband, three kids, and ever-present wanderlust.