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Why Visual Content Marketing is All that Matters in 2021 and Beyond

16:30 - 17:00
11 November 2020
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Did you know that a whopping 91% of audiences today prefer visual content as their primary, secondary, and even tertiary methods of engaging with a brand? This might be why 90% of marketers say that visual media is their most powerful weapon in their content marketing arsenal. But the ever growing expectations of today's audiences means that simply delivering visual content won't lead to overnight success, and improper execution of this content can do more harm than good.

Today's brands are at a crossroads. They can either choose to stick with traditional content marketing and brand communications in hopes that it will be enough, or they can step up to serve the ferocious demand for visual content by mastering the science of visual communication; the only way to ensure success!

Visual content that succeeds today requires a thorough understanding of visual communication combined with an expert ability to execute on the craft-making today's most successful brands those with a versatile team of marketers, digital directors, and brand builders all taking on the role of visual strategist. In this session, Amy Balliett, a global thought leader in visual communication and in-demand visual strategist for some of the world's top brands, will help you master the art and science behind visual communication! In this session, you will learn:

Amy Balliett
Amy Balliett
Founder and CEO
Killer Visual Strategies

Amy Balliett is the CEO and founder of the creative content agency, Killer Visual Strategies (formerly Killer Infographics). She owned her first company, a candy store and ice cream parlor, at the age of 17 before heading off for college. She subsequently built a successful career in SEO and marketing, and headed up SEO at several companies before launching Killer in 2010. In the years since, she has grown Killer Visual Strategies to become the industry leader in visual communication, driving visual strategy and creative content campaigns for global brands including Microsoft, Boeing, Adobe, Nikon, Starbucks, the National Endowment for the Arts, the United Nations, and more.