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Aftershocks and Opportunities: Planning our Post-Pandemic Future in a Digital World

10:45 - 11:15
11 November 2020
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Session details

In this customized, fast-paced, fun, mind-expanding, and highly interactive session, global futurist, entrepreneur, and award-winning speaker Rohit Talwar will explore how organizations can navigate a rapidly changing reality. He draws on insights from his new book Aftershocks and Opportunities - Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future and his current work helping clients around the world to anticipate and respond to the transformational changes and accelerating digital pace of digital disruption taking place. The talk can include how we address the following critical factors of future success:

  • Scenarios - Preparing for a range of possible scenarios for 2020-2023 and using the worst-case scenario to drive strategy and innovation
  • Disruption - Navigating through and beyond the deep disruption of the pandemic when the world around us seems so uncertain and fragile
  • Prioritization - Learning to cope with turbulence, prioritize our key initiatives, and take greater control of the future to help our business, our workforce, and our families thrive in a fast-changing landscape
  • Future of Work - Adopting a digital mindset and prepare for the changing future of work and an increasingly technology-enabled workplace
  • Technology – Understanding the capabilities, applications, likely pace of development, and critical implementation success factors of key technologies such AI, machine learning, robotics, blockchain, 5G, cloud, IoT, digital twins, quantum computing, and biological computing
  • Innovation - Driving the innovation agenda to make sure we can take advantage of science and technology developments in everything from AI to synthetic biology, smart materials, and brain and body enhancements
  • Growth - Increasing the flow of new growth opportunities for our business by enhancing the quality of our horizon scanning and network connections
  • Learning and Self-Development – Embracing continuous learning to identify the critical enablers of personal transformation and improve our resilience, responsiveness, flexibility, and problem-solving abilities
  • Flexibility - Adapting to the volatility of the external environment and the uncertainty of forecasts through an approach of constant experimentation
  • Leadership - Developing the new leadership, management, organizational, and process design capabilities to operate in an increasingly paperless digital world.
Rohit Talwar
Rohit Talwar
Global Futurist and CEO
Fast Future

Rohit Talwar is a global futurist, award-winning speaker, strategic advisor, and entrepreneur. He works with global companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and governments to help them anticipate and respond to disruptive technologies such as AI and the wider economic, political, social, and environmental forces and ideas shaping the future.

His clients include American Express, Bank of America, Bayer, Emaar, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Novartis, PwC, Shell, Tata, and the governments of the USA, UK, UAE, and Singapore.

He is the co-editor and a contributor to nee book Aftershocks and Opportunities – Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future which draws on the ideas of 25 future thinkers from around the world and was published on June 1st, 2020.

He is currently working on a multi-contributor book on The Future of AI – Pathways to Artificial General Intelligence which will be published on World Future Day, March 1st, 2021.

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