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How emerging tech will create successful companies that don't exist yet!

14:00 - 14:45
11 November 2020
Fireside Chat
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Emerging technologies have been disrupting existing business models for literally hundreds of years. Think about the impact of the automated knitting machine on the English textile industry in the 18th century. Don't forget that Henry Ford's Model T put a lot of farriers and blacksmiths out of work back in 1908.

Cryptoassets and quantum information science are poised to have the same kind of transformational impact. Join Octavian Pelede on Nov 11 at 1 pm for a Fireside Chat with Christopher Bishop, (TEDx speaker, LinkedIn Learning instructor, and former IBMer) to learn more. Maybe you will be inspired to start a leading company of the future leveraging one of today's bleeding-edge technologies.

Christopher Bishop
Christopher Bishop
Chief Reinvention Officer
Improvising Careers

Christopher Bishop is a workplace futurist, TEDx speaker, LinkedIn Learning instructor and business consultant.
Chris is excited about the power of emerging technologies to positively transform business and society. He writes and speaks on topics including quantum information science, AI, machine learning, fintech, cryptoassets, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality and robotics.
Prior to his freelance career, Chris spent 15 years at IBM in a variety of roles, working initially as a Web producer and strategy consultant, then moving into executive communications at Corporate Headquarters leading social media adoption and the use of virtual worlds.
In April 2020, his live-action course for LinkedIn Learning called “Future-proofing your data science career” went live. In addition, Chris co-authored a white paper with MIT Media Lab professor Sandy Pentland titled Blockchain+AI+Human”, describing the business possibilities as well as the powerful socio-cultural implications of connecting AI and blockchain.

Octavian Palade
Octavian Palade
Tech journalist & Content Strategist

Octavian is a tech journalist and the Events & Contents Strategist of, Romania’s finest startups & entrepreneurship publication. Previously, he was the editor-in-chief of the top tech news website in the country and he has written stories about technology and startups for two of the leading newspapers in Romania, Adevărul & România Liberă. He is an avid social media user, with over 10.000 followers, a passionate video creator and SEO Consultant.

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