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Our Digital Transformation Journey - The MCBC Cloud Story
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Innovating next gen Infrastructure by bringing forward the value of the Cloud: Trying to make some sense out of a Cloud World governed by the power of IaaS, SaaS, MaaS, DRaaS.

POSM(Point of sale materials): A Cloud based portal allowing Export & License customers to easily navigate the items in our consumer proposition 24/7. It also enables forecasting and ordering throughout dedicated business cycles.

SAP Excise Tax Management: Our SAP solution to enable worldwide colleagues & partners in manufacturing, retail, and wholesaling to handle excise taxes.

Uniting people to celebrate all work life’s moments: SAP SuccessFactors helps track, streamline, and process colleagues’ information at all steps during their journey with the company.

Diana Apostolescu
Solution Manager Automations
Molson Coors GBS Romania
Cristinel Bulearca
Director Solution Delivery
Molson Coors GBS Romania
Cosmin Popica
Solution Engineer
Molson Coors GBS Romania
Rodica Hrincu
Senior Solution Designer
Molson Coors GBS Romania
Victor Andrei
Senior Solution Designer
Molson Coors GBS Romania
Andrei Mastacan
Technical Architect
Molson Coors GBS Romania
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