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Data platform feeds AI services
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We’ll start our journey with Thomas and Youcef who will present an updated version of the cloud-based Data Platform we are building. With the Data Platform, Wolters Kluwer wants to enable more advanced use cases leveraging the amount of data entered daily on the Enablon products.

Then Mirjana and Benoit will present 2 extremely interesting AI projects that we are running:

An NLP application to speed-up and improve the data entry process. Manual data input is a tedious task where even the most well-trained users will commit errors. Enablon SmartForm is the first step to achieve high data quality in manual data collection. It uses deep learning to automatically classify free text. Assigned classes are used to suggest answers to questions on input forms
A Computer Vision application to automatically generate data

10 minutes for Q&A will bring us to the top of the hour and what we aim to be a great ride for everyone.

Youcef Merzoug
Software architect
Wolters Kluwer
Thomas Caudal
Principal Application & Product Architect
Wolters Kluwer
Benoit Rauturier
Data Scientist & Product Manager
Wolters Kluwer
Mirjana Mazuran
Senior Data Scientist
Wolters Kluwer
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