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IT Power(App)s the business!
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Fast, cost effective, and attractive… yes, you can have it all… when it comes to application development. Power Apps removes several time-consuming elements from the standard development process with an intuitive drag & drop interface.

Choose the following categories independently or bundle them together for top efficiency:

• Canvas app: create a highly tailored interface and connect it to more than 200 data sources for web, mobile, and tablet applications (SharePoint list, Power BI dashboard, A sample, Dataverse source etc.)

• Model driven app: start with your data and build on top of the Common Data Services model. You can create and design forms, business rules & process flows.

Take advantage of our wide experience with Power Apps coding and ramp up your skills suite!

Diana Apostolescu
Solution Manager Automations
Molson Coors GBS Romania
Cosmin Popica
Solution Engineer
Molson Coors GBS Romania
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