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Stateful multiprocessing with NestJs – Scaling a monolithic application
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Have you ever had to deal with a monolithic app that struggled during intensive computational jobs?

We know the issue well. Don't just settle with slow performance or subpar scalability! Multiprocessing is the solution. It is a common practice of how performance scaling can be achieved in server-side applications.

But how do you implement it in a stateful monolithic application?

Isolating highly interdependent components and shared data can prove difficult and fitting them into a new architectural solution is time-consuming.

If you're keen to learn more about multiprocessing with NestJs, this session is for you! We will cover common scenarios and problems posed by attempting to separate the logic and data in an application written in NestJs / Node.js. Afterwards, we dive into practical tips and tricks on how even a stateful monolithic app can be scaled relatively easily using some clever techniques.

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Bogdan Ionita
Senior Software Engineer
BearingPoint Products Romania
Alin Simina
Senior Software Engineer
BearingPoint Products Romania
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