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Kubernetes Native Java with Spring Boot
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The Spring ecosystem provides you with all you need to build cloud-native applications, focusing on productivity, simplicity, and speed.

It’s ready to leverage cloud environment features and integrates with Kubernetes natively. In this session, Thomas will cover common patterns and best practices to build cloud-native applications with Java using the reactive programming paradigm in Spring Framework 6, which provides better performance, resilience, and efficiency.

You’ll then see how to containerize them with Cloud Native Buildpacks, configure them through the natively supported ConfigMaps and Secrets, and deploy them to a Kubernetes cluster with Knative. Finally, he’ll show how to use the new capabilities in Spring Boot 3 to build native executables on GraalVM and achieve applications with almost instant startup time and reduced memory consumption, perfect for serverless architectures.

Thomas Vitale
Software Architect
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