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Race Around the World is an online team building activity that is designed specifically for remote workers. Each team represents an explorer. Players communicate with their team over video conferencing collaborating to guide their team's explorer avatar across the globe.

To complete all three game levels successfully with the maximum amount of points, teams must take notice of online bulletins and assess information gleaned from the game map. Timed stages and the added pressure of managing limited resources makes for a very engaging learning platform.

Excellent for fostering team dynamics, collaboration, co-creation and effective communication skills.

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Dave Turner

As product ambassador Dave is mainly focused on two of Catalyst’s tech platforms, Go Team and Quickfire. Go Team is such wide and varied platform it is the equivalent of many products in one and Dave is always looking for new ways to create new programmes or integrate to add value to existing ones.

Dave splits his time between creating awareness of the product and it’s capabilities, training, producing events, helping to deliver and innovating new uses. He draws on the experience of dealing with over 35 partners using Go Team across the world on a regular basis to try and fulfil needs whilst acknowledging the different markets that partners operate in. He believes that in order to create the best experience possible, it’s key to understand ‘why’ partners and clients want an event, not just ‘what’ they want.

With over 20 years of event experience across several leading team building industry companies, Dave endeavours to apply what he has learnt to each and every event he is involved with, not just Go Team and Quickfire.

Dave's sessions:
Dave's sessions:
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