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We crafted a one-week festival across the city to celebrate the power of technology dedicated to tech lovers of all ages, whether they are students, business professionals, or entrepreneurs.

Now, at its five editions, the mission of Bucharest Tech Week is to encourage innovation and the adoption of new technologies.

As part of this movement, Business Summits consist of 6 conferences hosting 50+ international & local speakers, discussing tech-related topics.

The event opens its gates for Innovation Summit, the first conference part of the event. In an ever-changing digital landscape, especially after the past year, one particular tendency remains a core – innovation. The ability to continually re-invent yourself, your product, your business – means the world today. The race is on and we find ourselves striving for a new creed – to innovate towards new heights of understanding and performance. 
Come get your cues for what it takes to become the human of tomorrow and how to make a meaningful impact – sustainability, product innovation, the space race, intelligent transportation, or virtuality. 

In the 5th edition, we have prepared an entire week full of networking and innovative solutions waiting for you in the expo area.

In a few words, what you can do on the platform:

  • Watch live content tracks from local and international speakers. You can ask questions, interact with other participants from the event stage and get in contact with the company speaker’s representant;
  • Explore the 3D digital exhibition area. You can interact with each representative from the expo booths either by the group chat or by a dedicated contact message. If you want to have a face-to-face conversation, you can join the video room;
  • Discover the Solutions & Projects from the booths. If you are interested and want to find more about a particular solution, hit the "I'm interested" button;
  • Interact with the event audience. You can filter them by different criteria;
  • You can chat with all the guests, call by video, or exchange business cards.

We are pleased to greet you to the Innovation Summit of the year! Hope you will have a magical experience!