• Chiara Cavalleri

  • Domain Champion Petrophysics
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Speaker Bio

Chiara Cavalleri is a Principal Petrophysicist at Schlumberger Domain Center in Bucharest, working primarily in the field of Wireline logging and related formation evaluation, acting as the technical link between operators, field activities, data processing and interpretation, technology development, and management. This is particularly the case concerning the selection of logging services, advanced answer products, and data analysis for reserves characterization.


After three years of field experience, from 2005 to 2008, acquiring high-resolution Petrophysical geological-reservoir-seismic wireline logs on both offshore and onshore rigs around West Africa, she joined the Petrophysical community with the opportunity and responsibility to continue providing technical support to operations within the Gulf of Guinea. In 2015 she moved to the North Sea to continue working as Petrophysics Domain Champion for the European region, based in Aberdeen, UK. Only recently she joined the Domain Center team in Bucharest extending the range of technical support and evaluation services to the Eastern Hemisphere. She maintains close collaboration with research and product centers to develop integrated answers and fit-to-purpose solutions for Petrophysical reserves evaluation. She also cooperates with technical experts in different domains and provides training to younger log analysts' population. She has written various technical papers and done several presentations at conferences and delivered technical courses for E&P companies.

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