• Florin Otto

  • VP Product at Modex
  • 1 Sessions

Speaker Bio

Florin Otto is VP Product at Modex right from the start. Blockchain enthusiast, experienced tech entrepreneur, and product manager with deep knowledge in building and managing multiple products across different companies and diverse teams. Deeply passionate about building products that make people’s lives better, focused on strategy and designing the way that technology will serve both businesses and consumers. He demonstrated success in building and managing blockchain products from ideation to the actual implementation, product launch and ongoing management.

Sitting at the forefront of disruption, Florin and his team are bridging the gap between the development community and the real world. At Modex, they empower developers to build DApps that are simple to use and make the complexity of the blockchain and smart contracts more accessible to everyone. In essence, they are solving the last mile problem of the blockchain, the adoption.

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