• Alexandru Lăpușan

  • CEO & Founding Partner
  • Zitec
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Speaker Bio

Alexandru Lăpușan is CEO & Founding Partner at Zitec, one of the leading IT companies in Romania, with a mission to help companies around the world innovate through digital transformation and automation. Founded 15 years ago, the company now counts over 160 team members, specialists in software development and digital marketing, in Bucharest & Brașov. Known for having built an authentic organizational culture at Zitec, it has always been a long-term mission for Alex and the team to encourage free expression and creativity at work, with all available instruments. Thanks to its strong employer brand, in 2018 Zitec ranked in Top 3 'Most Appreciated Employers in Romania', issued by, and was included in "Top IT Companies to Work for", published by BIZ Magazine. As a result of its accumulated experience as employer, Zitec is launching in May 2019, Mirro, a talent experience tool for successful companies and their people, with a main focus on individual and team performance based on collaboration, and which also covers in the most user friendly manner the daily tasks of the human-organization relationship. It took a lot of passion and determination for Alex and the team to turn lessons learned into a successful recipe other companies can offer to their own teams. When he is not an IT entrepreneur, Alex is passionate about yachting, comics and the inspiring possibilities of the science-fiction universe.

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