• Dr. Nick van Dam

  • Professor and CLO
  • IE University
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Speaker Bio

Nick is an internationally recognized thought leader, adviser, researcher, author, and facilitator on corporate learning and leadership development. He is passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential and is inspired by insights from positive- and development psychology, philosophy the neurosciences. Dr. van Dam has over 30 years of business experience as a former partner, global chief learning officer, hr executive, and client Adviser at McKinsey, Deloitte as well as a business unit director at Siemens. As an adviser he has served more than 100 clients around the world. Nick is chief learning officer at IE University (Spain), chief of the IE University center for learning innovation, serves on the University executive board and is a professor in corporate learning and leadership development. Additionally, he is a Professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit (The Netherlands), and at the University of Pennsylvania, where he works with candidates in the executive doctoral program for Chief Learning Officers. Nick is the academic director and professor of the UC Berkeley’s Aspiring Chief Learning Officer program. He is affiliated with McKinsey & Company as an external senior adviser. During his career Nick has written articles for various publications and has been quoted by The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Business Week, India Times, Information Week, Management Consulting, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and TD Magazine. Nick has authored and co-authored more than 25 books and numerous articles on learning and leadership development including ‘Elevating Learning & Development’ (2018), ‘Leadership at Scale’ (2018), ‘Handbook Learning and Development in Organizations (2018 – in Dutch), ‘You! The Positive Force in Change’ (2015) and ‘Next Learning Unwrapped’ (2012). Several of his books have been translated in Mandarin, Portuguese and Dutch. He is board member of ICEDR the world’s premier network in global talent management, leadership development and strategic change. Additionally, he is an advisory board member of Inventive, a professional network organization for HR/Talent/L&D Executives. Nick is a member of the Consortium for Advancing Adult Learning & Development (CAALD) which include 30+ leaders, academic researchers and experts and is convened by McKinsey & Company. Nick has received the 2012 ‘Lifetime Learning Leadership Award’ for his contributions to innovation and learning from The MASIE Center, an internationally-recognized think tank focused on workforce education and performance. Under the patronage of the European Parliament Federal Ministry of Education & Research, he received the 2013 Leonardo European Corporate Learning Award for ‘Shaping the Future of Organizational Learning and Leadership Development.’ He is the founder of The e-Learning for Kids Foundation, which has provided digital lessons for more than 20 million underprivileged elementary school children. Dr. van Dam is a graduate of the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam, Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Economics and Business Economics, and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Sociology from the Universiteit van Amsterdam. He earned his Doctorate in Human Capital Development at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Breukelen, The Netherlands. He completed HR Executive Development programs at Wharton and Harvard Business School.

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