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Who is the producer? What’s his story? What does he has to say? From where does he come from? Is it a sustainable company? What are his values? Do I identify myself with his values? Is it this product a responsible one? Here are our questions. But it hasn’t always been like that.

"Will you buy me?" is transformed today into “Will you trust me?". But how looks the road until establishing a trustworthy relationship between consumers and the organization?

In a hyperlinked world to a crowded market of products, services and offers, "buy me because I'm more natural, more efficient, better for you" is no longer a strong differentiator today.

Contemporary communication is dominated by its visual component, and communication strategies have to put emphasis on what can be immediately conveyed and require a minimal effort on the part of the viewer.

Social networks invite us to rethink how brands start a conversation.

Brand story: Define the story your brand will tell and open a conversation
Face to face versus Screen to Screen: how social networks influence our behavior, to all
Human to Human vs. Desktop to Desktop: Start with you, then you will truly understand your audience

Florin will approach the potential for growth in Google and you will find out:

How do users search for products and information?
Is Google a good marketing channel?
How important is having a well-optimized site?
How much does Google influence the growth of a business?
The influence of a strong brand on Google.