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Risk management represents a crucial part of any business or project. Only after you have applied the rules and principles of risk management can you have a comprehensive overview of the project and what you should expect regarding opportunities or threats.

Once we have identified all of the risks we can create a mitigation strategy for each of them. 

Mihai Gafar graduated Marketing at ASE Bucharest (Academy of Economic Studies), and has been working at a company in this field for over 4 years. He had the plasure of doing project-based work abroad, in Germany and England, and has interacted wiith a ton of different people, of all types and religions.
In this course, we will have a short introduction on project management, the stages of a project, knowledge areas, processes, inputs, tools & techniques, best practices, we will sketch a map of what it means to start a project from scratch and complete it with budget and deadline in mind.

Speaker: Mihai Gafar