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Essential steps in recruiting.
Employer brandin strategy
Attracting the best candidates.

Recruiting is an integral process to a company's wellbeing. Especially when tlaking about a startup, it is essential for attracting the best candidates, which will save you time and money on the long run.

When just starting out, you need to find a differentiation for which candidates will choose you instead of another employer.

Investing in your employees will yield fabulous results.
At 26 years old, Alexandra became Human Resources Director for an Italian company, Rovere Mobili, located in Bucharest.

Alexandra decided to start her own business by creating Talent Center 4 years into her previous job. Talent Center is a place where we strive to exceed the client's expectations and achieve our placement goals.

Alexandra loves great food and wine. She gets to experience this when she travels around the world. She is hoping to visit South Africa Bali one day!