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What if you could be the HR responsible who thrives and prospers through disruptive times rather than get annihilated by it?

What if you could understand your employees’ behavior and adapt career strategies within your organization?


It just takes a rethinking of the situation, and a need to be aware of how jobs, careers, and skills are rapidly changing.


In a recent study on the future of work, John Bersin says it best: “organizations should build career models that encourage continuous learning, improve individual mobility, and foster a growth mind-set in every employee, year after year.”

And this is the opportunity for today: companies that figure this out will outperform and out-innovate their peers.

To inspire you in this process of re-defining the new models of careers, Oracle has developed tools and HR applications able to support you along the way of disruption digital era.

This session is the best 1h and a half you can spend to understand that the idea of a single, long-lasting career is becoming a thing of the past.