Event details

Business Organization for Students will join Bucharest Technology Week between 22-23 May with its great project IT is Business. In a world that is in a continuous process of digitization, the only way to survive is through IT, complementary with entrepreneurship area. IT is Business reunites these 2 main domains into one amazing project.

What it's in for you? You will be led by great professionals from IT area, you will take notes from famous speakers about design& content, debug, security information. But that's not all!

Because we want you to be in touch with innovation and best trends, we propose as the main theme App Development. During our workshops sessions and having the help of our partners, you will learn how to develop a mobile application so you can expand it, later, on a larger scale: you sell it, promote it, either way, YOU MAKE MONEY!

So be there and do your best, together with your colleagues (you will not work alone) because, at the end, we and our partners want to reward the best team.