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The computer, the internet and the mobile phone have impacted the way we live, learn, and work in the last 20 years. Actually, the men evolution was always impacted by technological discoveries: fire, steam engine, electrical energy, evolution of computers and computing power.

Every time they happened, technological discoveries enhanced the leaving standards of communities using them.

Still, this discoveries brought not only benefits, they had also unwanted effects. The common impact of all are the changes in workforce structure. New types of work appeared requiring a specific qualification and uncommon knowledge. In the same time, a number of jobs disappeared, being simplified or replaced by technological discoveries. In this discussion I invite you to analyse the workforce structure; we will see what were the jobs 20 years ago and what are the jobs now and we will understand why some disappeared, others were created and how they replaced one another. At the end we will exercise our imagination to make assumptions on how the job market will look like in 10-20 years.